Meet ANISH PARMAR - The 19 year old revolutionizing the digital marketing industry.

Hey there, I'm Anish Parmar

At 19 year's old, Anish Parmar is an digital marketer, social media entrepreneur and also an content creator on various social media platforms.

He started his social media marketing journey at the young age of 16, where he grew his first Instagram account and amassed over 20,000 followers in under 6 months while still studying for his examinations in school. He then used his presence online to be apart of what today is known as "Influencer Marketing"and gained various sponsorships and brand deals from underground street-wear retailers across the UK. 

Then, in January, 2017 using the connections he made in the Influencer Marketing scene, he joined online forums and started to flip Instagram "OG" and prestigious handles and accounts for a profit - allowing him to build an empire of accounts that altogether have amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram. This also allowed him to create his first passive income stream for himself at just the age of 16 year's old.

Anish Parmar now helps businesses, entrepreneurs and brands grow their social media presence and following online - and also helps them with turning their followers into clients. Anish mainly specialises in viral social media growth on Instagram, Twitter and also Snapchat. Anish also helps businesses and personal brands with their content marketing strategies.

He now currently has over amassed over 30,000 fans and followers on all of his social media platforms combined and now wants to help young entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses worldwide.



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